Reversible motor into induction motor

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Reversible motor into induction motor

Post by decerri » Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:34 pm

I'm using a 5RK90GE-AW2J but I later found out that this motor can only be run for 30minutes or less otherwise the motor would accumulate much heat. For my application, I would need to a motor running for 4 months. I was reading some posts earlier and one post said the only difference with an induction motor and a reversible motor is the friction brake. And this friction brake causes much accumulation of heat. I'm just wondering if this motor can be modified to make it more like of an induction motor? Is it easy to remove the friction brake in order to make it into an induction motor? If possible, can this run continuously without heating up?

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Re: Reversible motor into induction motor

Post by om_tech_support_JT » Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:50 pm

Hi decerri,

We highly recommend against modifying any of our products. Modifying our products voids the product warranty as well as the specifications that we designed our products for. Also, it's not easy to do without proper tools or machinery. Other than the friction brake, our reversible motors also have a balanced winding which also adds to heat generation. A balanced winding means that the primary winding and secondary winding have the same resistance and inductance. The benefits are for starting torque and the ability to switch direction on the fly.

Heat is the #1 enemy of a motor's expected life. A main rule to maintain your motor in good condition is to make sure that the motor does not overheat. As long as your motor case temperature is kept below 100 deg C, the motor will be fine. Normal saturated operating temperature should be around 60 deg C after about 90 minutes of operation. The lower you keep your operating temperature, the longer your motors will last. In addition, our bigger AC motors (such as your 90w motor) have built-in thermal protection. This function will actually turn the motor off when an overheat condition is sensed, and it will let the motor run again once it detects that the temperature is at a low enough level. Our smaller AC motors have impedance protection which minimizes heat rise.

I would suggest that you switch your motor from a reversible motor to an induction motor, which is rated for continuous duty. However, it won't stop as quickly as a reversible motor. Please see below for my recommended motor.

[ 5IK90GE-AW2J ]

Unfortunately, this motor (and yours) are Japanese standard products. We only show the US standard version, 5IK90GE-AW2U, on our website. You can use our specifications for reference. The main differences are voltage and mounting dimensions. We only have the 5IK90GE-AW2J specifications in Japanese. I can still e-mail it if you want.

[ 5IK90GE-AW2U ]
WEB: ... ik90ge-awu

If you still need to brake the motor, but need the continuous duty, we can offer an electronic brake pack to stop the motor instantaneously and frequently.

[ SB50W ]
WEB: ... ries/sb50w

Let me know if you need anything else.

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