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Table Deflection for EAS and EZS Slides

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:51 am
by om_tech_support_PB
Q: I am using your EZS3-D045-AZAAD actuator for a laser application of mine. I plan to place 6lbs about 12” away from the center of the table, and I want to make sure that the vertical deflection of the table doesn’t exceed my tolerance values. What kind of table deflection can I expect?

A: First, we can check to make sure that the moment load applied to the table doesn’t exceed the rated values. That particular slide can handle a dynamic moment of 10.5N-m.
6lbs x 12” equals 72lb-in, or ~8.1N-m, so that is within specs.
Next, our EAS and EZS slide tables are rated for a certain amount of deflection when a dynamic moment load is applied to the table. Please see the photo below regarding the deflection of our EAS and EZS slide tables for each of the three types of permissible dynamic moments.
Deflection example.JPG
Deflection example.JPG (108.46 KiB) Viewed 1784 times
Since you are under the rated dynamic load, you should expect to see a vertical deflection of no more than 0.14mm at a 100mm distance, or a deflection angle of about 0.08 degrees. In your case, since your part will be ~300mm away, you should expect to see a vertical deflection of about:
Tan(0.08) * 300 = .42mm
For more information on our linear slides, please use the following link: ... uators.pdf
Otherwise, please contact tech support for further questions.